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tuber vegetables click to hear : tuber vegetables

Tubers that are eaten like vegetables; they consist of underground growths containing the plant’s nutrient reserves.
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taro crosne jicama potato cassava yam Jerusalem artichoke sweet potato

taro click to hear : taro

Its starchy, sweet flesh is a staple in several tropical countries; eaten raw, preferably very hot and prepared like the potato.

crosne click to hear : crosne

Native to Asia, where it is very popular although little known elsewhere; it has a slightly sweet flavor and is used and prepared like the potato.

jicama click to hear : jicama

Its flesh is sweet, crunchy and juicy; it is eaten raw in salads, as an hors d’oeuvre or with dips; it adds a crunchy element to cooked dishes.

potato click to hear : potato

The best-known tuber; eaten especially as a vegetable side dish, either steamed, deep-fried or mashed.

cassava click to hear : cassava

The sweet variety is eaten like the potato; the bitter one is used to make tapioca.

yam click to hear : yam

A staple food in many countries, especially in South America and the West Indies, where it is eaten cooked, prepared like the potato.

Jerusalem artichoke click to hear : Jerusalem artichoke

Eaten raw, cooked or marinated; it has sweet, crunchy, juicy flesh.

sweet potato click to hear : sweet potato

Sweeter than the potato and not of the same family; a staple of Creole cooking.