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delicatessen click to hear : delicatessen

Foodstuff made from the meat (usually pork) or offal of various animals; among the many different varieties, some can be consumed as is, some are cooked.
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kielbasa sausage mortadella prosciutto foie gras rillettes

kielbasa sausage click to hear : kielbasa sausage

Native to Poland, it is made with coarsely ground pork and beef, seasoned with garlic and spices.

mortadella click to hear : mortadella

Fat Italian sausage made with meat and fat and flavored with peppercorns and pistachios.

prosciutto click to hear : prosciutto

Raw dried ham native to the Parma region of Italy; it is mostly eaten thinly sliced and served with melon or fresh figs.

foie gras click to hear : foie gras

Goose or duck liver, abnormally enlarged by force-feeding; considered a gourmet item, it is sold raw or ready to eat.

rillettes click to hear : rillettes

Often made with pork or goose meat and cooked in fat until the meat disintegrates; they are always served cold.