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for mixing and blending click to hear : for mixing and blending

Appliances used for stirring, for blending several ingredients together or for changing the appearance of an ingredient.
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hand mixer beater speed selector handle heel rest beater ejector

hand mixer click to hear : hand mixer

Electric appliance comprising two beaters and a motor unit used to beat or mix liquid or semiliquid food.

beater click to hear : beater

Device used to beat or mix food; the beaters are inserted into cogwheels that turn in opposite directions.

speed selector click to hear : speed selector

Device for selecting the speed at which the beaters rotate.

handle click to hear : handle

Part used to pick up and handle the mixer.

heel rest click to hear : heel rest

Part on which the mixer rests when it is not in use.

beater ejector click to hear : beater ejector

Button pressed to remove the beaters.