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packaging click to hear : packaging

Anything to do with the packing or wrapping of food, whether to sell, cook, freeze or preserve it.
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food can beverage can pull tab glass bottle screw cap multipack

food can click to hear : food can

Airtight metal container that holds cooked food.

beverage can click to hear : beverage can

Small cylindrical aluminum container filled with products such as beer and soft drinks.

pull tab click to hear : pull tab

Small metal strip that can be lifted with a fingernail and fingertip to open a can.

glass bottle click to hear : glass bottle

Narrow-necked, elongated receptacle containing drinks (mineral water, wine, etc.) or liquid foodstuffs such as sauces.

screw cap click to hear : screw cap

Threaded stopper that can be screwed on the top of a bottle.

multipack click to hear : multipack

Multiple products packaged together to facilitate shipping and handling.