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mortise lock click to hear : mortise lock

Lock fitted into a door whose dead bolt provides greater security; it is used especially on exterior doors.
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strike plate rotor key faceplate dead bolt ring keyway cylinder case cotter pin spring stator cylinder

strike plate click to hear : strike plate

Metal part fixed to the door frame and fitted with an opening to a cavity into which the bolt is inserted.

rotor click to hear : rotor

Rotating part of a lock mechanism that a unique key can turn in order to draw the bolt.

key click to hear : key

Metal part whose unique grooves activate the lock.

faceplate click to hear : faceplate

Thin plate fastened to the edge of the door with an opening through which the bolt passes.

dead bolt click to hear : dead bolt

Part whose end is inserted into a strike plate to lock the door when activated by a key.

ring click to hear : ring

Protruding cylindrical part on the door into which the key is inserted.

keyway click to hear : keyway

Orifice complementing the shape of the key and through which the rotor is fitted.

cylinder case click to hear : cylinder case

Hollow part of a lock into which the locking mechanism is fitted.

cotter pin click to hear : cotter pin

Piece of metal that, by aligning itself to the key’s grooves under pressure from the spring, enables the rotor to turn.

spring click to hear : spring

Elastic piece of metal that, by pressing against the cotter pin, prevents the rotor from turning if the key’s grooves do not match.

stator click to hear : stator

Fixed part of the lock mechanism interacting with the grooves in the key to make the rotor turn.

cylinder click to hear : cylinder

Part that contains the lock mechanism.