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tubular lock click to hear : tubular lock

Lock whose knobs activate a latch bolt and is locked by pushing a button; it is used for interior doors.
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outside knob spindle faceplate latch bolt push-button inside knob rose bolt nut

outside knob click to hear : outside knob

Knob located on the outer side of the door.

spindle click to hear : spindle

Extended part that manipulates the bolt when turned.

faceplate click to hear : faceplate

Thin plate fastened to the edge of the door with an opening through which the bolt passes.

latch bolt click to hear : latch bolt

Part whose beveled end is activated by a doorknob; it catches automatically in a strike plate when the door is closed.

push-button click to hear : push-button

Button that activates the locking mechanism when pushed.

inside knob click to hear : inside knob

Knob located on the interior side of the door; it contains a push-button.

rose click to hear : rose

Decorative plaque with an opening in the center allowing the doorknob to turn.

bolt click to hear : bolt

Metal threaded peg ending in a head; it screws into a nut.

nut click to hear : nut

Hollow cylinder of metal whose lining is threaded to screw onto a corresponding bolt.