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household equipment click to hear : household equipment

Objects used for cleaning a dwelling.
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pail handle pouring spout refuse container handle lid broom handle fibers mop

pail click to hear : pail

Container for carrying water used for household chores.

handle click to hear : handle

Part shaped like a semicircle for gripping the pail.

pouring spout click to hear : pouring spout

refuse container click to hear : refuse container

Container into which household trash is placed.

handle click to hear : handle

lid click to hear : lid

broom click to hear : broom

Instrument equipped with fibers attached to a handle for collecting dust and dirt.

handle click to hear : handle

fibers click to hear : fibers

Relatively rigid fabric strands for scrubbing and cleaning.

mop click to hear : mop

Instrument equipped with fabric strips attached to a handle for washing floors.