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poles click to hear : poles

Rods of various shapes and materials from which a curtain hangs.
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traverse rod fastening device pulley yoke spring housing tension pulley wheel operating cord overlap carrier master carrier end bracket support

traverse rod click to hear : traverse rod

Rectangular metal rod that adjusts to the exact width of a window and along which the carriers move, activated by an operating cord.

fastening device click to hear : fastening device

Part solidly anchoring the spring housing to the wall or floor.

pulley click to hear : pulley

Device equipped with a sheaved wheel around which the operating cord winds in order to pull the carriers.

yoke click to hear : yoke

Frame holding the pulley’s spindle.

spring housing click to hear : spring housing

Casing protecting the spring that keeps the cord and pulley under tension.

tension pulley wheel click to hear : tension pulley wheel

operating cord click to hear : operating cord

Narrow rope attached to the master carrier; it is used to open and close the curtains.

overlap carrier click to hear : overlap carrier

Master carrier that closes the two curtain panels one in front of the other.

master carrier click to hear : master carrier

Carrier attached to the operating cord; it pulls the other curtain carriers.

end bracket click to hear : end bracket

support click to hear : support