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garbage disposal sink click to hear : garbage disposal sink

Appliance used in a kitchen, sometimes with two basins, that is fed by water and equipped with a drain and a garbage disposal unit.
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drain garbage disposal unit supply tube spray hose hot-water supply line shutoff valve cold-water supply line trap coupling trap cleanout strainer coupling locknut rubber gasket strainer body sink spray head compression coupling escutcheon spout assembly single-handle kitchen faucet lever

drain click to hear : drain

Pipe joining the strainer body with the tee.

garbage disposal unit click to hear : garbage disposal unit

Electric device for grinding table scraps into fine particles so that running water can flush them down the drain.

supply tube click to hear : supply tube

Pipe carrying water from the supply line to the faucet.

spray hose click to hear : spray hose

Supple tube allowing the spray head to be moved.

hot-water supply line click to hear : hot-water supply line

shutoff valve click to hear : shutoff valve

Device allowing the flow of water to the sink to be shut off.

cold-water supply line click to hear : cold-water supply line

trap coupling click to hear : trap coupling

Movable part joining the trap with the tee.

trap click to hear : trap

U-shaped pipe beneath a fixture containing a quantity of water to prevent sewage gases from escaping.

cleanout click to hear : cleanout

Part screwed into the trap that can be removed in case it needs to be unblocked.

strainer coupling click to hear : strainer coupling

Part for tightening the joint between the strainer body and the end piece.

locknut click to hear : locknut

Part for tightening the joint between the draining circuit and the end piece.

rubber gasket click to hear : rubber gasket

Gasket preventing leakage between the strainer body and the sink.

strainer body click to hear : strainer body

Part equipped with an orifice and located at the bottom of the sink, allowing water to flow out.

sink click to hear : sink

Water-fed basin equipped with a drain; it is indispensable for cooking and cleaning tasks.

spray head click to hear : spray head

Flexible faucet with a perforated spout, used especially for rinsing.

compression coupling click to hear : compression coupling

Tightening of a gasket on a tube by using a nut.

escutcheon click to hear : escutcheon

Plate for covering and protecting water-intake pipes.

spout assembly click to hear : spout assembly

Curved end out of which water flows.

single-handle kitchen faucet click to hear : single-handle kitchen faucet

Device acting as both faucet and hot and cold water mixer.

lever click to hear : lever

Handle controlling the flow and mixture of hot and cold water.