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gas water-heater tank click to hear : gas water-heater tank

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flue gas cock thermostat pressure-relief valve overflow pipe cold-water supply line reset button control box drain valve gas burner glass-lined tank outer jacket insulation hot-water outlet flue hat temperature control

flue click to hear : flue

Channel through which combustion gases are evacuated.

gas cock click to hear : gas cock

Mechanism cutting off the gas supply when the water reaches the desired temperature.

thermostat click to hear : thermostat

Mechanism controlled by fluctuations in temperature; it can be set to automatically switch the burner on or off.

pressure-relief valve click to hear : pressure-relief valve

Device for lowering the pressure inside the tank by releasing excess hot water.

overflow pipe click to hear : overflow pipe

Pipe through which water escapes when maximum pressure is exceeded.

cold-water supply line click to hear : cold-water supply line

Inlet pipe for cold water to the tank.

reset button click to hear : reset button

Mechanism allowing the burner to be manually restarted.

control box click to hear : control box

Box containing the set of controls that measure temperature and operate the burner.

drain valve click to hear : drain valve

Device for emptying the water from the tank.

gas burner click to hear : gas burner

Combustion device for an air-gas mixture.

glass-lined tank click to hear : glass-lined tank

Insulated reservoir protected against corrosion by an enamel or glaze coating.

outer jacket click to hear : outer jacket

Metal casing protecting the tank.

insulation click to hear : insulation

Material placed between the tank and the outer walls of the hot-water tank in order to reduce heat loss.

hot-water outlet click to hear : hot-water outlet

Outlet pipe for hot water flowing into the hot-water circuit.

flue hat click to hear : flue hat

Device reducing the amount of air withdrawn by convection.

temperature control click to hear : temperature control

Device for setting the temperature.