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dental care click to hear : dental care

Procedures to care for the mouth and especially the teeth that include brushing, flossing and using mouthwash.
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oral hygiene center motor unit water tank oral irrigator jet tip toothbrush well on-off switch toothbrush handle pressure control toothbrush shaft brush

oral hygiene center click to hear : oral hygiene center

Electric appliance consisting of a toothbrush and an oral irrigator.

motor unit click to hear : motor unit

Part containing the motor and the various circuits making the appliance work.

water tank click to hear : water tank

Container filled with water than can be mixed with toothpaste to supply the oral hygiene center.

oral irrigator click to hear : oral irrigator

Instrument used after brushing that shoots a water spray to clean the teeth and massage the gums.

jet tip click to hear : jet tip

Part with an opening through which the water spray is projected.

toothbrush well click to hear : toothbrush well

on-off switch click to hear : on-off switch

Button for turning the device on or off.

toothbrush click to hear : toothbrush

Instrument that uses a back-and-forth motion to clean teeth.

handle click to hear : handle

Part used to pick up and handle the brush.

pressure control click to hear : pressure control

Device regulating the flow of water from the jet tip.

toothbrush shaft click to hear : toothbrush shaft

Part through which the motor transmits movement to the bristles of the brush.

brush click to hear : brush

Instrument that uses a back-and-forth motion to clean teeth.