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leather goods click to hear : leather goods

Personal articles made of leather or fake leather.
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attaché case combination lock handle lining hinge pocket divider frame pen holder expandable file pouch clasp

attaché case click to hear : attaché case

Small plain well-made case with rigid sides that is used to carry documents.

combination lock click to hear : combination lock

Lock that is opened with a combination of numbers.

handle click to hear : handle

It is used to pick up and carry the case.

lining click to hear : lining

Fabric or leather covering that protects and embellishes the inside of the case.

hinge click to hear : hinge

Metal structure consisting of two symmetrical pieces that move on an axis and are used to open and close the case.

pocket click to hear : pocket

Small soft flat rectangular pocket that is used to hold similar objects.

divider click to hear : divider

Panel used to keep personal effects separate; it is held by hooks or snap fasteners and contains compartments and pockets.

frame click to hear : frame

Rectangular metal piece on which the shell is mounted; it supports the hinges, locks and handle.

pen holder click to hear : pen holder

Tubular piece of leather or fabric used to hold pens.

expandable file pouch click to hear : expandable file pouch

Set of overlapping pockets used to hold documents.

clasp click to hear : clasp

Metal device such as a clip or fastener that is used to hold an object closed.