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smoking accessories click to hear : smoking accessories

Range of objects used for smoking tobacco in pipes, cigars or cigarettes.
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cigar cutter ring handle blade cigar head bunch tuck filler tobacco wrapper cigar band

cigar cutter click to hear : cigar cutter

Device made of a perforated metal plate and a blade; it is used to clip a cigar’s head and tuck.

ring handle click to hear : ring handle

Rounded part through which the finger is passed to hold the cigar cutter; the movable ring activates the blade.

blade click to hear : blade

Sharp object with a movable blade that cuts off the cigar’s head or tuck when placed in the cigar cutter’s hole.

cigar click to hear : cigar

Roll made of pieces of tobacco leaves wrapped in a large high-grade leaf.

head click to hear : head

End of the cigar that is placed in the mouth; it must be clipped before the cigar is lit.

bunch click to hear : bunch

Body of the cigar made up of the cut tobacco leaves and the leaf that is wrapped around them.

tuck click to hear : tuck

Tip of the cigar that is to be lit; if the tuck is closed, it must be cut off before the cigar can be lit.

filler click to hear : filler

Inside of a cigar made of two to four different kinds of tobacco leaves, which are cut moderately fine.

tobacco click to hear : tobacco

Product made from the dried leaves of a nicotine-rich plant; the leaves are treated and made into cigars or cigarettes for smoking.

wrapper click to hear : wrapper

Thin, very high-grade tobacco leaf used as a casing to wrap around a cigar.

cigar band click to hear : cigar band

Paper ring that encircles the cigar bearing the manufacturer or brand name or a company logo.