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smoking accessories click to hear : smoking accessories

Range of objects used for smoking tobacco in pipes, cigars or cigarettes.
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matchbox safety match matchbook matchstick head front flap cover friction strip back

matchbox click to hear : matchbox

Rectangular or square box with a sliding lid containing loose matches.

safety match click to hear : safety match

Small stem with a head that lights only when struck against a particular surface thus preventing accidental lighting.

matchbook click to hear : matchbook

Case closed by a flap that contains rows of matches attached to the book.

matchstick click to hear : matchstick

Usually cardboard or wooden body of the match.

head click to hear : head

End of the match with a chemical coating that lights when struck against another surface.

front flap click to hear : front flap

Flap under which the matches are attached.

cover click to hear : cover

Flap that slides under the front flap to close the book.

friction strip click to hear : friction strip

Part of a book or box of matches with an abrasive coating against which the matches are struck to light them.

back click to hear : back