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prism binoculars click to hear : prism binoculars

Optical instrument made up of two identical telescopes, one for each eye; it magnifies both near and distant objects.
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objective lens body focusing ring central focusing wheel hinge Porro prism lens system eyepiece bridge

objective lens click to hear : objective lens

Lens that captures the light from the observed object and causes it to converge to form a magnified inverted image.

body click to hear : body

Cylindrical body of the binoculars that houses the optical system and through which the light rays pass.

focusing ring click to hear : focusing ring

Ring on each eyepiece for manually correcting for the difference between the user’s eyes.

central focusing wheel click to hear : central focusing wheel

Focusing ring for both the objective lenses; it is used to manually adjust the sharpness of the image.

hinge click to hear : hinge

Mechanism for adjusting the distance between the eyepieces to the user’s eyes.

Porro prism click to hear : Porro prism

Dual-prism system (blocks of glass at right angles) found in most binoculars; it diverts the light rays toward the eyepiece to correct the inverted image formed in the objective lens.

lens system click to hear : lens system

Optical system made up of a set of lenses through which light passes to transmit a magnified image of an object to the eye.

eyepiece click to hear : eyepiece

Optical disk or system of disks through which the eye sees the image produced by the lens.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Part of the frame joining the two telescopes.