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telescopic sight click to hear : telescopic sight

Optical instrument mounted on a rifle or a measuring device to increase accuracy.
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dovetail winding adjustment elevation adjustment field lens reticle turret cap objective lens eyepiece main scope tube erecting lenses

dovetail click to hear : dovetail

Device for mounting the telescopic sight onto a device or firearm.

winding adjustment click to hear : winding adjustment

Button for positioning the sight horizontally to offset any divergence of the target from the reticle.

elevation adjustment click to hear : elevation adjustment

Button for positioning the sight vertically to offset any divergence of the target from the reticle.

field lens click to hear : field lens

Lens placed between the objective and the eyepiece to widen the field of vision.

reticle click to hear : reticle

Optical system made up of two fine crossed wires to create a precise point as a sighting reference.

turret cap click to hear : turret cap

Part covering and protecting an adjustment button.

objective lens click to hear : objective lens

Lens that captures the light from the observed object and causes it to converge to form a magnified inverted image.

eyepiece click to hear : eyepiece

Optical disk or system of disks through which the eye sees the image produced by the lens.

main scope tube click to hear : main scope tube

Cylindrical body of the telescopic sight that houses the optical system and through which the light travels.

erecting lenses click to hear : erecting lenses

Lens system that returns the inverted image formed on the objective lens.