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church click to hear : church

Place of Christian worship.
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bell tower pew pulpit chalice candle high altar communion rail censer lectern holy water font confessionals ex-voto baptismal font secondary altar sacristy stained glass window sanctuary lamp frontal altarpiece crucifix statue tabernacle altar cross

bell tower click to hear : bell tower

Tower with bays in which the bells are hung.

pew click to hear : pew

Long narrow unupholstered seat with or without a back, seating several people.

pulpit click to hear : pulpit

A raised platform used to address the congregation.

chalice click to hear : chalice

Cup in which the wine is consecrated during celebration of the mass.

candle click to hear : candle

Long candle used in various Christian rites such as the mass, baptism and Easter.

high altar click to hear : high altar

The main altar in a church located near the back of the choir (apse).

communion rail click to hear : communion rail

Table or balustrade before which the faithful stand to receive the Eucharist.

censer click to hear : censer

Container having a cover with openings; it hangs from a small chain and incense is burned in it.

lectern click to hear : lectern

Stand with an inclined rack used to hold books such as hymnals and the Bible.

holy water font click to hear : holy water font

Basin used to hold holy water; it is located near the entrance so that the faithful can cross themselves on entering.

confessionals click to hear : confessionals

Small booth where the priest hears the confession of penitents.

ex-voto click to hear : ex-voto

Painting, object or plate hung inside a church to mark a vow or a blessing.

baptismal font click to hear : baptismal font

Basin atop a stand where babies are held during baptisms.

secondary altar click to hear : secondary altar

Side altar that is usually dedicated to the Virgin Mary or a saint.

sacristy click to hear : sacristy

Area where sacred vases and sacerdotal vestments are kept.

stained glass window click to hear : stained glass window

Translucent decorative work comprised of an assemblage of glass pieces, usually colored, that fills a bay.

sanctuary lamp click to hear : sanctuary lamp

Oil lamp suspended in front of the altar that remains lit at all times.

frontal click to hear : frontal

Ornamental covering for the front and sides of the altar.

altarpiece click to hear : altarpiece

Painted or sculpted vertical section placed on or behind the altar.

crucifix click to hear : crucifix

Cross that depicts the crucified Jesus Christ.

statue click to hear : statue

Sculpture on a base that represents a saint.

tabernacle click to hear : tabernacle

Small case used to hold the sacred vessel (ciborium) that contains the host.

altar cross click to hear : altar cross

Wooden or metal cross on a base that is placed in the middle of the high altar during mass.