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firefighter click to hear : firefighter

Person responsible for fighting fires, intervening in natural disasters and undertaking rescue operations.
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rubber boot compressed-air cylinder self-contained breathing apparatus turnouts mandown alarm pressure demand regulator air-supply tube full face mask helmet

rubber boot click to hear : rubber boot

Water-resistant fireproof boot that protects the foot from burns and other injury.

compressed-air cylinder click to hear : compressed-air cylinder

Container filled with compressed air that allows the firefighter to breathe when the air is smoky or strongly contaminated.

self-contained breathing apparatus click to hear : self-contained breathing apparatus

Device that protects against inhaling toxic gas, smoke, dust, etc.

turnouts click to hear : turnouts

Garment made of water- and fire-resistant fabric that protects the firefighter against flames, water and steam.

mandown alarm click to hear : mandown alarm

Device that emits a strong signal so that a firefighter can be located in a blaze; it is activated by the firefighter or after a 30-second period of immobility.

pressure demand regulator click to hear : pressure demand regulator

Device that reduces air pressure from the cylinder and regulates the flow of air to the mask.

air-supply tube click to hear : air-supply tube

Conduit that funnels air from the cylinder to the mask.

full face mask click to hear : full face mask

Mask that covers the entire face; it protects the respiratory tract and the eyes.

helmet click to hear : helmet

Headpiece designed to protect the head from impact, flames and water.