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safety image

The measures taken and the equipment used to ensure the protection of persons and goods.

ear protection image

ear protection
Devices that reduce workplace noise and noise caused by power tools.

eye protection image

eye protection
Safety goggles that protect the eyes from impact, flying objects and heat.

head protection image

head protection
Safety helmet that protects against falling objects and impact.

foot protection image

foot protection
Shoes and accessories worn to protect the feet from dangers such as falling objects, intense heat and sharp tools.

crime prevention image

crime prevention
The means used to prevent occurrences such as violence, delinquency and acts of aggression.

respiratory system protection image

respiratory system protection
Mask used to protect the respiratory tract from elements such as polluted air, dust, smoke and volatile chemicals.

safety symbols image

safety symbols
The pictograms used to warn of danger or indicate that safety equipment is mandatory.