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police station click to hear : police station

Building that houses crime prevention personnel and offices.
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control room prisoners’ shower women’s cell men’s cell juvenile cell staff lounge staff toilet staff cloakroom staff entrance report writing room identification section interrogation room complaints office junior officer’s office chief officer’s office waiting room main entrance safe police car gun range storage room archives breath testing machine vehicle entrance garage booking room equipment administrative office information desk

control room click to hear : control room

Room for receiving and directing incoming calls.

prisoners’ shower click to hear : prisoners’ shower

women’s cell click to hear : women’s cell

Room used to detain female suspects.

men’s cell click to hear : men’s cell

Room used to detain male suspects.

juvenile cell click to hear : juvenile cell

Room used to detain suspects who have yet to reach legal age.

staff lounge click to hear : staff lounge

Room that police station staff use as a rest area.

staff toilet click to hear : staff toilet

staff cloakroom click to hear : staff cloakroom

staff entrance click to hear : staff entrance

report writing room click to hear : report writing room

Room used to write accounts such as field reports and arrest and booking reports.

identification section click to hear : identification section

Room used to take fingerprints and photographs for purposes of identifying suspects.

interrogation room click to hear : interrogation room

Room used to question suspects.

complaints office click to hear : complaints office

Room for people who want to alert the police to a threat to their security or to the public’s security.

junior officer’s office click to hear : junior officer’s office

Work area reserved for the assistant to the chief officer.

chief officer’s office click to hear : chief officer’s office

Work area reserved for the senior officer of the station.

waiting room click to hear : waiting room

Area where citizens wait to see a police officer.

main entrance click to hear : main entrance

safe click to hear : safe

Fireproof receptacle used to store important documents and pieces of evidence.

police car click to hear : police car

Patrol vehicle equipped with a radio and a dashboard computer.

gun range click to hear : gun range

Room designed for firearms training using service pistols.

storage room click to hear : storage room

Room used to store a variety of objects.

archives click to hear : archives

Room where documents are stored for possible use.

breath testing machine click to hear : breath testing machine

Device used to determine a person’s blood alcohol level by means of breath analysis.

vehicle entrance click to hear : vehicle entrance

garage click to hear : garage

Part of the police station where vehicles are parked and maintained.

booking room click to hear : booking room

Room in which suspects are searched and informed of their rights before being led to a cell.

equipment click to hear : equipment

Room used to store police equipment.

administrative office click to hear : administrative office

Workplace for administrative personnel.

information desk click to hear : information desk

Area where information can be obtained on police services.