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pistol shooting click to hear : pistol shooting

Sport that consists of using a pistol to shoot projectiles at a target a given distance away; the goal is to hit the target’s center.
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eyeglasses 8-mm pistol stock hammer trigger ear muffs air pistol

eyeglasses click to hear : eyeglasses

Very sturdy glasses that are usually made of plastic; they protect the eyes from injury and wearing them is mandatory.

8-mm pistol click to hear : 8-mm pistol

Short lightweight handgun that is loaded through the stock and held in the hand; it uses projectiles 8 mm in diameter.

stock click to hear : stock

The bottom part of the pistol that is used to hold and aim it.

hammer click to hear : hammer

Part that triggers the shot by striking the firing pin, which in turn strikes the cartridge primer causing the powder charge to explode.

trigger click to hear : trigger

Device that is pressed to fire the weapon.

ear muffs click to hear : ear muffs

Headband with two small cushions that muffle noise; they are mandatory for the shooters and nearby officials.

air pistol click to hear : air pistol

Pistol that uses compressed air or carbon dioxide to shoot projectiles.