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sports facilities image

sports facilities
Fields and installations designed for participating in sports and staging competitions.

track and field image

track and field
This sport brings together some 30 events: races, speed walking, marathon, jumps, shot put, combined events (heptathlon, decathlon).

racket sports image

racket sports
Popular all over the world, these sports have two to four opposing players with rackets; they rally a ball or shuttlecock on a defined playing surface.

gymnastics image

Gymnastic sports include rhythmic, artistic, acrobatic and aquatic gymnastics, as well as stretching. Gymnastics builds up the body and makes it supple.

combat sports image

combat sports
Sports in which two armed or unarmed opponents confront each other in combat.

strength sports image

strength sports
Sports that develop muscular strength and size (weightlifting, power lifting and bodybuilding).

equestrian sports image

equestrian sports
Sports practiced by a rider on a horse; they include competitions of skill, speed and endurance and team games.

precision and accuracy sports image

precision and accuracy sports
Sports whose objective is to hit a target of various shapes and sizes (such as a pocket, hole, jack or bowling pin) using various means (such as a bow, firearm, billiard cue, ball or club).

motor sports image

motor sports
Sports characterized by driving a motorized vehicle such as a race car, motorcycle, snowmobile or personal watercraft.

sports on wheels image

sports on wheels
Sports that use a board or skates fitted with small wheels; they include team, acrobatic and speed activities.

aerial sports image

aerial sports
Sports or leisure activities done in the air using specialized apparatus and equipment.

mountain sports image

mountain sports
Sports or leisure activities connected with climbing and mountaineering.

outdoor leisure image

outdoor leisure
Leisure activities that take place outdoors.

games image

Leisure activities that are played according to established rules and require intelligence, skill and luck.