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Canadian football click to hear : Canadian football

Similar to American football, it has two opposing teams of 12 players; the main difference is that there are only three downs to gain 10 yards.
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playing field for Canadian football center line end zone goal line players’ bench goal

playing field for Canadian football click to hear : playing field for Canadian football

Rectangular surface covered with natural or synthetic grass; it is longer (150 yards) and wider (65 yards) than an American football field.

center line click to hear : center line

Line dividing the field into two zones, one for each team; it is 55 yards from the goal lines.

end zone click to hear : end zone

Zone in which a touchdown (six points) is scored when a player crosses it in possession of the ball.

goal line click to hear : goal line

Line marking the start of the end zone; the goalposts are located on this line.

players’ bench click to hear : players’ bench

Area for substitute players and coaches; a team’s players are divided into three units: offense, defense and special teams.

goal click to hear : goal

Frame consisting of two goalposts and a crossbar; a team scores points by kicking the ball between the goalposts.