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football player click to hear : football player

American and Canadian football players’ protective equipment varies depending on the player’s role and position on the field.
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sock wristband player’s number face mask helmet chin strap team shirt cleated shoe pants knee pad thigh pad football

sock click to hear : sock

Garment worn over the foot and up to the knee.

wristband click to hear : wristband

Band of fabric that the quarterback wears around the wrist; it features a small window in which a note card is inserted.

player’s number click to hear : player’s number

Number identifying the player; special numbers are used to designate pass receivers.

face mask click to hear : face mask

Metal cage attached to the helmet; it protects the football player’s face.

helmet click to hear : helmet

Rigid piece of equipment designed to protect the head; it is lined with absorbent materials such as foam and air pockets.

chin strap click to hear : chin strap

Strap that fastens the helmet to the head.

team shirt click to hear : team shirt

Flexible garment covering the upper body; it features the team emblem and the player’s name and number.

cleated shoe click to hear : cleated shoe

Footwear whose sole contains small spikes to provide good traction.

pants click to hear : pants

Light stretchy garment covering the lower body from the waist to the knees; it has pockets for holding protective pieces.

knee pad click to hear : knee pad

Padded piece of equipment designed to protect the knee; it usually fits into a pocket inside the pants.

thigh pad click to hear : thigh pad

Padded piece of equipment that protects the thighs; it usually fits into a pocket inside the pants.

football click to hear : football

Inflatable oval leather ball that is smaller than a rugby ball; it has laces that provide a grip on the ball.