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winter sports image

winter sports
Sports practiced on snow or ice.

bobsled image

Sport that consists of racing down an icy track on a two- or four-person bobsled; bobsleds reach speeds of over 135 km/h.

track image

Concrete structure that is covered with an artificial sheet of ice; bobsled, luge and skeleton races are held on it.

ski resort image

ski resort
Resort area with the facilities required for skiing and snowboarding; it also lodges skiers and snowboarders.

curling image

Sport with two opposing teams of four players who slide stones over an ice surface in the direction of a target.

ice hockey image

ice hockey
Sport that is played on an ice rink with two opposing teams of six players; goals are scored by using a stick to put a puck in the opposing net.

figure skating image

figure skating
Sport that consists of executing jumps, spins and figures while skating to music; it includes singles skating, pairs skating and ice dancing.

speed skating image

speed skating
Race on ice between individuals or teams held on a long or short track.

luge image

Speed sport that consists of racing down an icy track on a singles or doubles luge; luge racers lie on their backs with their feet forward and reach speeds of 145 km/h.

skeleton image

Sport that consists of racing down an icy track on a skeleton, which can reach speeds of 135 km/h; sledders lie head forward on their stomachs.

snowboarding image

Sport that consists of sliding over a snow-covered surface on a board fitted with foot bindings; the snowboard is steered by bending the knees.

alpine skiing image

alpine skiing
Sport that consists of racing on alpine skis down a snow-covered slope with a medium or steep drop.

freestyle skiing image

freestyle skiing
Sport that consists of performing various figures and tricks on skis; it includes three events: moguls, aerial skiing and acroski (ballet).

ski jumping image

ski jumping
Sport that consists of covering the greatest possible distance in the air after jumping off a ski jump; the jumper’s style is marked by judges.

speed skiing image

speed skiing
Sport that consists of skiing down an extremely steep straight slope to reach the highest possible speed.

cross-country skiing image

cross-country skiing
Sport that consists of skiing over snow-covered surfaces on gently sloping terrain using a variety of techniques (skating step, diagonal step).

biathlon image

Sport that combines cross-country ski racing with a precision shooting competition; the biathlon includes individual and team events (relays).

snowshoes image

Wide soles that come in a variety of shapes and are fitted to boots; snowshoes are used to walk on snow without sinking.