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luge racer click to hear : luge racer

Athlete who practices luge; the luge racer starts a race in a seated position, then uses the runners to generate momentum and the hands to accelerate before lying down.
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crash helmet glove visor one-piece suit sled

crash helmet click to hear : crash helmet

Hard piece of equipment designed to protect the head.

glove click to hear : glove

Covering for the hand and wrist; the fingertips contain studs for greater manual traction at the start.

visor click to hear : visor

Transparent or tinted piece of equipment that is attached to the front of the helmet and tucks under the chin to reduce air resistance; it protects the eyes and the face.

one-piece suit click to hear : one-piece suit

Skintight one-piece garment that reduces air resistance; a luge racer can carry extra weight underneath the suit to reach the maximum allowable weight.

sled click to hear : sled

Wooden fiberglass or plastic platform with a backless seat; luge racers lie on their backs.