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luge click to hear : luge

Speed sport that consists of racing down an icy track on a singles or doubles luge; luge racers lie on their backs with their feet forward and reach speeds of 145 km/h.
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doubles luge singles luge runner edge

doubles luge click to hear : doubles luge

Luge designed for two racers; the luge racer on top (the heavier of the two to improve aerodynamics) is held in place by a strap.

singles luge click to hear : singles luge

Luge designed for a single racer; it is shorter and lighter that the doubles luge.

runner click to hear : runner

Piece or wood or fiberglass that is attached to the bottom of the sled; the luge racer steers by applying foot pressure to the front of the runners.

edge click to hear : edge

Sharp part that forms the edge of the blade; the blade is a metal piece placed under the runner so that the luge can slide over the ice.