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sheet click to hear : sheet

Ice surface on which a match is played; when an end is complete, the next end starts from the opposite end of the sheet.
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umpire tee line sheet tee vice-skip skip hack curler inner circle outer circle lateral line center line hog line back line lead second free guard zone house

umpire click to hear : umpire

Official who is responsible for applying the rules; in particular, the umpire rules on the correctness of throws and determines the distance between the stones and the tee.

tee line click to hear : tee line

Line across the center of the house; behind this line, players are allowed to brush in front of an opponent’s stone in an effort to make it overshoot the house.

sheet click to hear : sheet

Surface of the ice; it is watered regularly with fine droplets to reduce friction between the ice and the stone.

tee click to hear : tee

Circle forming the center of the house; once all the stones are thrown, the team with the stone closest to the tee wins the end.

vice-skip click to hear : vice-skip

Player who assists the skip in devising playing tactics; the vice-skip usually throws third in an end.

skip click to hear : skip

Player who leads the team and determines strategy; the skip is usually the last to throw in an end.

hack click to hear : hack

Rubber foothold at each end of the sheet that the thrower uses to push off.

curler click to hear : curler

Curling player who throws two stones in each of the 10 ends that make up a match.

inner circle click to hear : inner circle

Circle surrounding the tee.

outer circle click to hear : outer circle

Circle forming the outer limit of the house.

lateral line click to hear : lateral line

Band or line that delimits the sides of the sheet; a stone that strikes the lateral line is removed from play.

center line click to hear : center line

Line that divides the sheet in half; the stone is thrown and released relatively close to this line.

hog line click to hear : hog line

Line at the front of the house that marks the boundary of the playing area; the stones must be released before this line and must cross the opposite hog line to remain in play.

back line click to hear : back line

Line at the back of the house that marks the boundary of the playing area; a stone that crosses this line is removed from play.

lead click to hear : lead

First player to throw stones in an end.

second click to hear : second

Second player to throw stones in an end.

free guard zone click to hear : free guard zone

Area between the house and the hog line; leads may not remove the opposing team’s stones from play.

house click to hear : house

Series of concentric circles forming the scoring zone; a point is scored for each stone that lies closer to the tee than the opposing team’s stones.