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ice hockey player click to hear : ice hockey player

Member of an ice hockey team; players wear a variety of protective equipment to prevent injury caused by falls or body checks.
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stocking helmet player’s number visor team’s emblem blade pants skate glove

stocking click to hear : stocking

Stretchy piece of fabric that covers the leg and thigh; it is worn over the pads to keep the muscles warm.

helmet click to hear : helmet

Hard piece of equipment designed to protect the head.

player’s number click to hear : player’s number

Number that identifies the hockey player; numbers range from 1 to 99 and are sewn onto the back and the sleeves of the jersey.

visor click to hear : visor

Transparent piece of equipment secured to the front of the helmet to protect the eyes and upper face.

team’s emblem click to hear : team’s emblem

Logo representing the team that is printed on the front of the jersey.

blade click to hear : blade

Narrow metal blade that is attached to the skate boot; its curved ends help the player to turn.

pants click to hear : pants

Padded clothing attached around the waist by a belt or suspenders; they protect the pelvis, buttocks and thighs.

skate click to hear : skate

Reinforced boot equipped with a blade for gliding over ice.

glove click to hear : glove

Padded covering for the hand and wrist that takes the shape of the fingers; it must be flexible enough to provide a good grip on the stick.