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shooting range click to hear : shooting range

Area designed for shooting competitions; the athlete has a limited number of cartridges to hit a specific number of targets placed side by side.
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target biathlete referee nonslip mat lane number shooting place wind flag

target click to hear : target

Circular object that forms the target in the shooting competition; the targets are black but are covered with a white disk when hit by a projectile.

biathlete click to hear : biathlete

Athlete who practices the biathlon; during the skiing portion, the biathlete shoulders the rifle using a harness.

referee click to hear : referee

Person who ensures that the rules are observed and the shooting phase runs smoothly.

nonslip mat click to hear : nonslip mat

Mat placed in front of each lane to prevent the skis from sliding during the shot.

lane number click to hear : lane number

Number that identifies a shooting lane; in certain events (relay, mass start), the skier must use the lane corresponding to the bib number.

shooting place click to hear : shooting place

Area where the biathlete sets up to shoot; each missed target entails a penalty (time added or an extra loop on skis).

wind flag click to hear : wind flag

Flag that indicates wind direction and speed, elements that are essential to shooting accuracy.