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cross-country skier click to hear : cross-country skier

Athlete who practices cross-country skiing; this athlete takes part in various individual (classic, freestyle, pursuit, sprint) and team (relay) events.
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boot binding shovel cross-country ski pole shaft ski pole ski suit turtleneck pole grip glove wrist strap ski hat

boot click to hear : boot

Lightweight flexible boot that provides good ankle mobility; the skating step requires a more rigid boot than the traditional boot.

binding click to hear : binding

Device of variable form in which the skier places the toe of the boot; it allows the ski to move as one with the skier.

shovel click to hear : shovel

Front end of the ski; its upward curve cuts through snow and helps to avoid catching an edge.

cross-country ski click to hear : cross-country ski

Long board designed to glide over a snow-covered surface; light and narrow, it has a relatively pronounced camber between the shovel and the tail.

pole shaft click to hear : pole shaft

ski pole click to hear : ski pole

Metal or composite fiber rod with a handle and a basket; the ski pole is used for maintaining balance and thrusting.

ski suit click to hear : ski suit

Skintight one-piece garment that reduces air resistance; it is lightweight and allows heat generated by the skier to be released.

turtleneck click to hear : turtleneck

Knit fabric top with a high collar formed of ribbing that folds over around the neck; it has no closing mechanism.

pole grip click to hear : pole grip

glove click to hear : glove

Covering for the hand and wrist that protects them against cold and against chafing by the pole handle; it is thinner than an alpine ski glove.

wrist strap click to hear : wrist strap

Strap that is attached to the pole grip and worn around the wrist to prevent the skier from losing a pole when sticking it into the ground.

ski hat click to hear : ski hat

Headgear made of a tubular piece of fabric folded back to form a double layer; its top is sewn and sometimes features a pom-pom.