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cross-country ski click to hear : cross-country ski

Long board designed to glide over a snow-covered surface; light and narrow, it has a relatively pronounced camber between the shovel and the tail.
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heelplate toepiece toe binding shovel tail ski tip

heelplate click to hear : heelplate

Back part of the binding; it has notches that fit into the sole of the boot to prevent the foot from twisting to the side.

toepiece click to hear : toepiece

Mechanism used to block the front end of the boot.

toe binding click to hear : toe binding

Binding with a mechanism that locks only the front of the boot.

shovel click to hear : shovel

Front end of the ski; its upward curve cuts through snow and helps to avoid catching an edge.

tail click to hear : tail

Back end of the ski.

ski tip click to hear : ski tip

Rounded end of the shovel.