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Michigan snowshoe click to hear : Michigan snowshoe

Wooden snowshoe with a long tail; it is especially suited to walking in a straight line in open areas.
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body lacing tip master cord tail front crossbar back crossbar toe hole frame harness

body click to hear : body

Central part of the snowshoe that supports the snowshoer’s foot.

lacing click to hear : lacing

The interlaced leather straps that are stretched across the frame; it bears the snowshoer’s weight and prevents sinking into the snow.

tip click to hear : tip

Rounded, slightly raised front end of the snowshoe.

master cord click to hear : master cord

Part of the lacing that supports the harness and on which the foot pivots when walking.

tail click to hear : tail

The elongated part at the back of the snowshoe; it acts as a rudder to facilitate walking in a straight line.

front crossbar click to hear : front crossbar

Crossbar in front of the harness that strengthens the frame; the lacing is attached to it.

back crossbar click to hear : back crossbar

Crossbar behind the harness that strengthens the frame; the lacing is attached to it.

toe hole click to hear : toe hole

Opening that allows the foot to move forward; this provides a natural walking motion and improves traction.

frame click to hear : frame

The outline of the snowshoe is traditionally made of wood.

harness click to hear : harness

Device that attaches the boot to the snowshoe but allows the foot to pivot freely.