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snowboarder click to hear : snowboarder

Athlete who practices snowboarding; the snowboarder usually specializes in one particular discipline.
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glove snowboard shin guard coveralls goggles helmet

glove click to hear : glove

Covering for the hand and wrist that protects them against the cold and snow in the event of a fall.

snowboard click to hear : snowboard

Board with foot bindings that is designed for sliding over snow-covered surfaces.

shin guard click to hear : shin guard

Piece of equipment made of hard molded plastic that protects the snowboarder’s legs.

coveralls click to hear : coveralls

Skintight one-piece garment that reduces air resistance.

goggles click to hear : goggles

Equipment that protects the eyes against the Sun’s rays and the elements; the filtered lenses optimize depth perception.

helmet click to hear : helmet

Rigid piece of equipment that is designed to protect the head; helmets are mandatory for racing.