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alpine snowboard click to hear : alpine snowboard

Long narrow rigid snowboard that is designed to reach high speeds.
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edge nose tail plate binding hard boot

edge click to hear : edge

Metal edge along the sole of the snowboard; the edge digs into the snow and makes turning possible.

nose click to hear : nose

Front end of the snowboard; its slightly upturned curve cuts through the snow and helps to avoid catching an edge.

tail click to hear : tail

Back end of the snowboard; unlike the tail of the freestyle snowboard, the alpine snowboard tail is not designed for going backward.

plate binding click to hear : plate binding

Binding used with hard boots; it has a metal toeplate that keeps the boot firmly in place to provide maximum stability.

hard boot click to hear : hard boot

Boot used for alpine events; it provides firm support and makes it possible to immediately transfer body movement to the board.