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ski boot click to hear : ski boot

Rigid boot made of plastic or composite materials; the front and back of the ski boot attach to the ski.
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lower shell hinge upper shell buckle upper upper cuff sole adjusting catch upper strap tongue inner boot

lower shell click to hear : lower shell

Part of the ski boot that covers the foot and the ankle.

hinge click to hear : hinge

Piece connecting the upper and lower shells.

upper shell click to hear : upper shell

Part of the ski boot that covers the lower leg; its forward inclination is often adjustable, which makes it easier for the skier to lean forward.

buckle click to hear : buckle

Clip made up of a metal ring that fits into an adjusting catch to tighten the ski boot.

upper click to hear : upper

Reinforcement at the back of the boot.

upper cuff click to hear : upper cuff

Relatively rigid piece that goes around the top of the inner boot.

sole click to hear : sole

Sturdy piece that forms the bottom of the ski boot; it has molds at the heel and toe that fit into the binding.

adjusting catch click to hear : adjusting catch

Groove in which the buckle latches; each adjusting catch corresponds to a different tightness.

upper strap click to hear : upper strap

Strap that is attached to the upper to tighten the upper cuff.

tongue click to hear : tongue

Piece that extends from the inner boot and protects the foot from rubbing against the binding system; it is raised to slip the foot into the inner boot.

inner boot click to hear : inner boot

Often removable padded lining designed to keep the feet warm and to provide comfort.