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bobsled click to hear : bobsled

Sport that consists of racing down an icy track on a two- or four-person bobsled; bobsleds reach speeds of over 135 km/h.
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two-person bobsled four-person bobsled shell captain handle rear runner brakeman front runner

two-person bobsled click to hear : two-person bobsled

Bobsled designed for a crew of two (a captain and a brakeman); it is shorter and lighter than the four-person bobsled.

four-person bobsled click to hear : four-person bobsled

Bobsled: vehicle on runners that has steering and braking systems; the four-person bobsled team includes a captain, two crewmen and a brakeman.

shell click to hear : shell

Aerodynamic compartment that is usually made of fiberglass; a crew whose weight is less than the allowable limit can carry extra weight.

captain click to hear : captain

Bobsledder who issues instructions and steers the bobsled; he is the first to take position after the push start and is the only one who does not lean forward during the race.

handle click to hear : handle

Retractable piece held to push the bobsled during the running start; this start is about 50 m long.

rear runner click to hear : rear runner

Stationary steel blade at the back of the bobsled that enables it to slide over the ice.

brakeman click to hear : brakeman

Bobsledder who operates the brake after the finish; the brakeman is the last to climb onto the bobsled at the start.

front runner click to hear : front runner

Movable steel blade at the front of the bobsled that enables it to slide over the ice; the front runners are connected to the steering system.