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skater: short track click to hear : skater: short track

Because of the high risk of falling and the close proximity of competitors, short-track speed skaters wear protection on vulnerable parts of the body.
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glove helmet knee pad throat protector shin guard

glove click to hear : glove

Covering for the hand and wrist that reduces the risk of injury, especially on turns where the skater places a hand on the ice.

helmet click to hear : helmet

Hard piece of equipment designed to protect the head.

knee pad click to hear : knee pad

Piece of equipment made of hard molded plastic that protects the knee.

throat protector click to hear : throat protector

Nylon neck guard that is worn under the racing suit to protect the skater’s neck and throat.

shin guard click to hear : shin guard

Piece of equipment that consists of hard molded plastic to protect the skater’s legs.