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During a ski jumping event, each competitor executes two jumps and points are awarded for style and distance.
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braking zone outrun critical point finish area norm point landing area judges’ stand coaches’ stand landing slope take-off table inrun start platform ski jump

braking zone click to hear : braking zone

Transition zone between the finish area and the outrun; the braking zone is the area where the ski jumper regains balance and decelerates.

outrun click to hear : outrun

Wide, relatively flat area where the skier can stop safely.

critical point click to hear : critical point

Point that marks the length of an ideal jump; points are deducted when the landing is short of or added when the ski jumper lands beyond the critical point.

finish area click to hear : finish area

Part of the landing area where ski jumpers land; distance markers allow officials to determine the length of each jump.

norm point click to hear : norm point

Point marking the start of the finish area.

landing area click to hear : landing area

Steep slope in the middle of which the ski jumpers land; it is divided into several sections.

judges’ stand click to hear : judges’ stand

Stand reserved for judges; five style judges specifically evaluate take-off precision and control, flight position and landing quality.

coaches’ stand click to hear : coaches’ stand

Stand from which coaches observe the jumps executed by the athletes.

landing slope click to hear : landing slope

Upper part of the landing area; the ski jumper should fly over it during a jump but it does provide a safe landing area in the event of a short jump.

take-off table click to hear : take-off table

Flat surface at the bottom of the ski jump that slopes at an angle of about 10°; the skier takes off from it.

inrun click to hear : inrun

Part of the ski jump that allows the jumper to generate the speed required for takeoff; its average incline is 35° to 40°.

start platform click to hear : start platform

Top of the inrun where ski jumpers make their starts; the starting point is established by officials before each event.

ski jump click to hear : ski jump

Extremely steep artificial track that is covered with snow; Olympic events are held on a large ski jump (120 m) and on a normal ski jump (90 m).