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aerial site click to hear : aerial site

During an aerial ski event, skiers take turns flying off a ski jump to perform aerial figures; each competitor performs two jumps.
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outrun landing track judges’ stand knoll floater kicker inrun flag

outrun click to hear : outrun

Wide, relatively flat area where the skier can stop safely.

landing track click to hear : landing track

Steep slope at the bottom of which the skier lands; wood chips are spread over the track to help the jumper see the ground.

judges’ stand click to hear : judges’ stand

Stand reserved for judges who evaluate the jumper’s start, form and landing quality.

knoll click to hear : knoll

Flat area on which several ski jumps of variable height and inclination are constructed; the skier’s choice of ski jump depends on the jump to be executed.

floater click to hear : floater

Flat ski jump that is used for jumps that combine fixed positions or horizontal rotations.

kicker click to hear : kicker

Curved ski jump that is used for jumps that combine twists or somersaults.

inrun click to hear : inrun

Slope on which the jumper generates the speed needed for takeoff; the athlete can choose the starting point on the inrun.

flag click to hear : flag

Each of the wind flags set up at regular intervals on the inrun so that the jumper can see the starting point.