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alpine skier click to hear : alpine skier

Athlete who practices alpine skiing; alpine skiers often specialize in one or more of four events.
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ski pole helmet ski groove basket ski boot bottom wrist strap handle ski glove ski suit ski goggles

ski pole click to hear : ski pole

Metal or composite fiber rod with a handle and a basket; the ski pole is used for maintaining balance and for turning.

helmet click to hear : helmet

Rigid piece of equipment that is designed to protect the head; helmets are mandatory for racing.

ski click to hear : ski

Long board with foot bindings that is designed for gliding over a snow-covered surface; it is usually made of wood or composite fibers.

groove click to hear : groove

Indentation along the bottom that improves glide and stability on straightaways.

basket click to hear : basket

Circular piece attached to the bottom of the ski pole; it prevents the pole from sinking too deeply into the snow.

ski boot click to hear : ski boot

Rigid boot made of plastic or composite materials; the front and back of the ski boot attach to the ski.

bottom click to hear : bottom

Carefully polished piece that forms the bottom of the ski; a wax suited to snow conditions is applied to the bottom to obtain the best possible glide.

wrist strap click to hear : wrist strap

Strap that is attached to the handle and worn around the wrist to prevent the skier from losing a pole when sticking it into the ground.

handle click to hear : handle

ski glove click to hear : ski glove

Covering for the hand and wrist that protects them against the cold and bad weather; padded but flexible, it provides a solid grip on the handle.

ski suit click to hear : ski suit

Skintight one-piece garment that reduces air resistance; various protective devices can be added, depending on the event.

ski goggles click to hear : ski goggles

Equipment that protects the eyes against the Sun’s rays and the elements; the filtered lenses optimize depth perception.