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long track click to hear : long track

Two competitors occupy specific lanes; they take off simultaneously and skate against a clock on an oval track 400 m long.
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lane assistant referee referee start judges 500 m start line marker warm-up lane coaches protective mat assistant judges track judge 500 m finish line electronic timing system finish judge timekeepers lap counter

lane click to hear : lane

Strip that is reserved for a skater during a race; after every lap, competitors change lanes to equalize the distance covered.

assistant referee click to hear : assistant referee

Official who assists the referee in his or her functions.

referee click to hear : referee

Official who is responsible for applying the rules; the referee ensures that the competition runs smoothly and makes decisions on disputes.

start judges click to hear : start judges

Officials who give the start signal and indicate false starts; a competitor who makes two consecutive false starts is disqualified.

500 m start line click to hear : 500 m start line

marker click to hear : marker

Each of the pylons that delimits a lane.

warm-up lane click to hear : warm-up lane

Lane that speed skaters use to prepare for the race.

coaches click to hear : coaches

Individuals who train the skaters; they devise strategy and give instructions to the skaters throughout the race.

protective mat click to hear : protective mat

Padding that covers the boards to cushion the impact when a skater falls.

assistant judges click to hear : assistant judges

Officials placed near the crossover area to ensure that lane changes are executed properly.

track judge click to hear : track judge

Official who ensures that competitors skate in the proper lanes, create no obstruction and perform their turns properly.

500 m finish line click to hear : 500 m finish line

electronic timing system click to hear : electronic timing system

Device that automatically records skaters’ finish times.

finish judge click to hear : finish judge

Official who ensures that the finish conforms to regulations.

timekeepers click to hear : timekeepers

Officials positioned at the finish line to ensure that the electronic timing system functions properly; they keep time manually if necessary.

lap counter click to hear : lap counter

Official who uses a counter to indicate the number of laps left to the skaters; the lap counter also rings a bell at the start of the last lap.