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aikido click to hear : aikido

Defensive sport of Japanese origin that consists of neutralizing an armed or unarmed opponent by means of dodging, throwing and holding, using bare hands.
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bokken aikidoka hakama obi aikidogi jo

bokken click to hear : bokken

Wooden saber about 1 m long that is used for training; the jo and the bokken help develop the concepts of distance and position.

aikidoka click to hear : aikidoka

Athlete who practices aikido; it requires good coordination, well-developed reflexes, suppleness and keen concentration.

hakama click to hear : hakama

Long skirt for hiding foot movement.

obi click to hear : obi

Long wide belt that is tied around the waist to close the jacket; its color indicates the aikidoka’s level.

aikidogi click to hear : aikidogi

Clothing worn for practicing aikido; for beginners, it consists of a white jacket made of sturdy cloth and white pants.

jo click to hear : jo

Wooden stick about 1.3 m long; it is used mainly for training.