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combat sports image

combat sports
Sports in which two armed or unarmed opponents confront each other in combat.

jujitsu image

Sport of Japanese origin based on throws, holds and blows to vital points of the body; it gave rise to judo.

aikido image

Defensive sport of Japanese origin that consists of neutralizing an armed or unarmed opponent by means of dodging, throwing and holding, using bare hands.

boxing image

Sport in which two opponents wearing gloves fight each other with their fists (English boxing) or with their fists and feet (French boxing) following a code of rules.

wrestling image

Sport in which two opponents fight bare-handed and seek to pin each other to the floor using various holds.

judo image

Sport of Japanese origin that is practiced with bare hands and consists of unbalancing the opponent with holds; Judo means "e&the gentle way"e&.

karate image

Self-defense sport of Japanese origin that is practiced with bare hands; the blows, which are usually given with the hands and the feet, must stop before reaching the opponent’s body.

kung fu image

kung fu
One of several types of sport of Chinese origin practiced with or without weapons; it is similar to karate but requires more legwork.

kendo image

Sport of Japanese origin that is a form of fencing; the opponents wear protection and fight with a bamboo saber.

sumo image

Japanese wrestling that is linked to Shintoism; it is practiced by very large corpulent wrestlers who try to make the opponent touch the ground or throw him out of the contest area.

fencing image

Sport with two opponents who attempt to touch each other with weapons (épée, foil or saber) on a specific part of the body.