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games image

Leisure activities that are played according to established rules and require intelligence, skill and luck.

dice and dominoes image

dice and dominoes
Cubes (dice) or pieces divided into two ends (dominoes) with numbers indicated by pips or figures.

jigsaw puzzle image

jigsaw puzzle
Puzzle that consists of a picture divided into irregularly shaped pieces that must be put back together.

video entertainment system image

video entertainment system
Group of units (game console and visual display) that allows a person to control the action in a game displayed on a screen by means of a controller.

slot machine image

slot machine
Electronic or mechanical gambling machine that is operated by inserting a coin into a slot in order to obtain a sequence of winning symbols.

soccer table image

soccer table
Table soccer game with figures mounted on telescopic rods.

cards image

Rectangular pieces of cardboard used to play various games; they have figures, signs and numbers on one side and are divided into four suits.

board games image

board games
Complete range of games that use a playing surface on which game pieces (tokens, dice, counters, etc.) are placed.

mah-jongg image

Game for four players that originated in China; players score points by creating combinations of four sets of tiles (run, three-of-a-kind or square) and one pair.

darts image

Game of skill in which darts are thrown, three in succession, at a dartboard to accumulate a specific number of points (either 301 or 501).

roulette table image

roulette table
Game made up of a roulette wheel and a betting layout; the aim is to bet on the winning number or color.