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dice and dominoes click to hear : dice and dominoes

Cubes (dice) or pieces divided into two ends (dominoes) with numbers indicated by pips or figures.
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dominoes double-blank pip double-six doublet blank poker die ordinary die

dominoes click to hear : dominoes

Game that consists of setting up pieces in sequence according to their value, with adjoining pieces being identical.

double-blank click to hear : double-blank

Piece where each end is worth zero points.

pip click to hear : pip

Each of the spots worth one point.

double-six click to hear : double-six

Piece where each end is worth six points, for a total of 12 points.

doublet click to hear : doublet

Piece where both ends are of equal value; they are laid perpendicular to the other pieces.

blank click to hear : blank

End that is worth zero points.

poker die click to hear : poker die

Small cube marked on each side with card symbols; it is used to play poker dice, a game similar to poker, which is played with five dice.

ordinary die click to hear : ordinary die

Small cube marked on each side with one to six pips; it is used in various games (backgammon, Monopoly®, Yahtzee®, etc.).