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backgammon click to hear : backgammon

Game of strategy in which two players move checkers around a board; players try to collect and bear them off while preventing the opponent’s checkers from moving.
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checkers runner bar White point die dice cup inner table outer table Red doubling die

checkers click to hear : checkers

Each of the counters used to play; the checkers are moved from one point to the next based on the number of pips shown on the dice.

runner click to hear : runner

One of two checkers belonging to a player placed at the start of the game on the opponent’s inner table; it must leave that position before any other checkers of the same color can be moved.

bar click to hear : bar

Line that divides the board’s inner and outer tables; the checkers hit by the opposing player are placed on it.

White click to hear : White

White checkers that belong to one player.

point click to hear : point

Each of the spaces on which the checkers are placed.

die click to hear : die

One of the two small cubes marked on each side with one to six pips; the checker moves the same number of points as the number rolled.

dice cup click to hear : dice cup

Container used to shake and throw the dice.

inner table click to hear : inner table

Table that a player’s checkers must enter before they can be borne off; the player who first bears off all his or her checkers wins the game.

outer table click to hear : outer table

Area with 12 points that the checkers must move across to reach the inner table; opponents move in opposite directions.

Red click to hear : Red

Red checkers that belong to one player.

doubling die click to hear : doubling die

Die used to increase the game’s stakes.