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soccer table click to hear : soccer table

Table soccer game with figures mounted on telescopic rods.
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playing field ball goal score counter rubber bumper player handle telescopic rod

playing field click to hear : playing field

Rectangular surface over which the ball moves.

ball click to hear : ball

Hard plastic or cork sphere with a diameter between 34 and 36 mm.

goal click to hear : goal

Opening surmounted by a net mounted on a frame; a point is scored every time the ball goes into the opposing goal.

score counter click to hear : score counter

Metal rod along which balls slide to keep score.

rubber bumper click to hear : rubber bumper

Rubber ring that absorbs the shock if the figure hits the table’s inside edge.

player click to hear : player

Figure molded or screwed onto a bar that kicks the ball with its feet.

handle click to hear : handle

Part used to hold and manipulate the telescopic rod.

telescopic rod click to hear : telescopic rod

Shaft that collapses so the player can move sideways.