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slot machine click to hear : slot machine

Electronic or mechanical gambling machine that is operated by inserting a coin into a slot in order to obtain a sequence of winning symbols.
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jackpot feed electrical payout linkage strongbox jackpot box coin chute spring linkage reel reel plate payout trigger payout tray winning line coin reject slot symbol lever coin slot casing

jackpot feed click to hear : jackpot feed

Tube that deposits some of the coins inserted into the slot machine into the jackpot box.

electrical payout linkage click to hear : electrical payout linkage

Device used to determine the amount of the payout.

strongbox click to hear : strongbox

Metal covering that protects the machine’s internal mechanisms against theft.

jackpot box click to hear : jackpot box

Box containing the coins for the slot machine’s top prize.

coin chute click to hear : coin chute

Tube that deposits coins into the payout tray when a player has won.

spring linkage click to hear : spring linkage

Device that activates the reels.

reel click to hear : reel

Cylinder inscribed with symbols that is activated by the machine’s lever; when the three reels stop, the symbols line up to create a combination.

reel plate click to hear : reel plate

Toothed wheel that stops the reels.

payout trigger click to hear : payout trigger

Mechanism used to dispense coins when a player has won.

payout tray click to hear : payout tray

Plate onto which the player’s winnings are dispensed.

winning line click to hear : winning line

Display showing the combinations of winning symbols and the winnings to be paid.

coin reject slot click to hear : coin reject slot

Small hole into which rejected coins fall.

symbol click to hear : symbol

Shape used to create combinations.

lever click to hear : lever

Device connected to the spring linkage to activate the reels.

coin slot click to hear : coin slot

Opening through which coins are inserted into the machine in order to play.

casing click to hear : casing

Case enclosing and protecting the device’s mechanism.