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slot machine click to hear : slot machine

Electronic or mechanical gambling machine that is operated by inserting a coin into a slot in order to obtain a sequence of winning symbols.
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reel payout tray winning line coin reject slot symbol lever coin slot casing

reel click to hear : reel

Cylinder inscribed with symbols that is activated by the machine’s lever; when the three reels stop, the symbols line up to create a combination.

payout tray click to hear : payout tray

Plate onto which the player’s winnings are dispensed.

winning line click to hear : winning line

Display showing the combinations of winning symbols and the winnings to be paid.

coin reject slot click to hear : coin reject slot

Small hole into which rejected coins fall.

symbol click to hear : symbol

Shape used to create combinations.

lever click to hear : lever

Device connected to the spring linkage to activate the reels.

coin slot click to hear : coin slot

Opening through which coins are inserted into the machine in order to play.

casing click to hear : casing

Case enclosing and protecting the device’s mechanism.